Climate Change – A Series of Case Studies on South African Funders’ Climate Journeys

Integrating a positive climate action or response within one’s philanthropic work comes with its own challenges, and sometimes with misconceptions. It can often prove intimidating and overwhelming, especially in the context of the Global South where social, health, governance, and environmental issues are intertwined in a particularly complex web.

The IPASA climate case study collection explores the experience of South African foundations and trusts who are IPASA members, in integrating climate considerations into their funding strategies and plans. It highlights their successes, concerns, and challenges on their climate change response journey while providing key inputs and drawing lessons from their experiences.

The series is written for the benefit of independent funders, with the objective to encourage peer-leaning, connections, and partnerships. It also aims to draw attention to the unique trade-offs and opportunities faced in the Global South when responding to climate change, calls for further support to philanthropy in this space, and encourages rethinking the narrative around climate integration and philanthropy in South Africa.

Climate Change Case Studies Volume 2


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