Current Initiatives

At our organization, we are committed to empowering funders and improving the funding sector in South Africa. We offer a range of special initiatives that support our members as well as the wider funding community. Our Funder Collaboration initiative encourages collaboration among funders and stakeholders, while our Climate Change Funder Support initiative assists funders in addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Additionally, our Education Funder Support initiatives provide funders with the tools and connections they need to maximize their impact in the education sector.

We also host the annual IPASA Philanthropy Symposium, the premier conference for funders in South Africa. This exclusive event brings together funders from across the country to share knowledge, discuss funding priorities, and debate funding practices.

Finally, we are proud to publish the Annual Review of South African Philanthropy, a unique publication that showcases the inspiring work and impact of independent philanthropy in our country. The publication features engaging case studies, stories, and opinion pieces from a range of philanthropists and private foundations. At our organization, we are committed to strengthening the funding sector in South Africa and supporting the important work of our members and partners.