Toolkits, Guidelines and Case Studies

IPASA has developed toolkits for funders in key funding focus areas. These toolkits provide funders with succinct information on key topics and connects them with additional resources for further reading.

By making these toolkits and guidelines available, we would like to encourage good funding practices that will help funders to achieve the best possible impact through their giving.

Toolkits, Resource Packs and Guidelines

Guidelines for Funding ECD Programmes in South Africa

IPASA has developed ECD Funders Guidelines based on our research and engagements with ECD funders in our ECD funders workshops.

Trust-Based Philanthropy – A Growth Pack to Support Trust-Based Partnerships

This growth pack has been crafted to support funders and implementing partners to deepen trust, connection and mutual support in your partnerships.

Good Governance and Foundations – A Practical Guide

This guide includes tools to assess your board’s current state of good governance, demystifies governance codes and provides practical advice.

Grant Craft Toolkit

This toolkit is organised into two main sections: the context in which grant making and grant management takes place; and grant making and grant management practices.

After-School Programmes Funders Guidelines

These guidelines have been created by The Learning Trust following the release of the report: ‘Funding After School Programmes in South Africa’. They are designed to support funders who either wish to fund ASPs or who are already funding ASPs.

The Climate Crisis – A Toolkit and Resource Pack for Funders in South Africa: Why, How, and the Role of Philanthropy

The Toolkit has its genesis in a three-part webinar series on Future Proofing Philanthropy in South Africa Against Climate Change, which was run by IPASA.

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Case Studies

Towards Trust-Based Partnerships – A Case Study

This Case Study captures the Emerging Collective Partnership between a Philanthropic Network and a National Association of Social Change Entities in South Africa

2023 IPASA Collaboration Case Studies

This compilation of three case studies about impactful collaborations within the philanthropy sector was developed as part of IPASA’s 2023 Collaboration in Philanthropy Series. The case studies provide insights in the collaborations that makes SmartStart, The Hamba Nathi Initiative, and the Jakes Gerwel Technical School and Bonnievale 418 possible. It also includes a section on IPASA’s learnings about enablers for effective collaboration.

Climate Change – A Series of Case Studies on South African Funders’ Climate Journeys

IPASA has initiated case study projects in 2022 and 2023 to document members' climate change responses, aiding those already engaged and supporting newcomers. Five studies showcase seven members' diverse efforts across various themes.

IPASA Research

Basic Education Early Grades Funders Research Report 2022

ECD Funding Lanscape Survey 2022

Early Learning SA Funder Survey Report 2021

Funding After School Programmes in South Africa Report