Who We Are

At IPASA, we believe that collaboration is essential for growing, supporting, and transforming philanthropy in South Africa. As a membership-based organisation, we are committed to building connections with key stakeholders in the philanthropy sector to help catalyze transformation both within the sector, and across the country. This involves working with funders to explore new ways of thinking about philanthropy, introducing progressive funding practices, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

By promoting a growth mindset and supporting the adoption of new practices, we work to drive positive change in the philanthropy sector. We create networks, facilitate collaboration, and disseminate knowledge, with the goal of promoting philanthropic practice that prioritizes strategic and sustainable giving.

Through our services and offerings, we aim to build and grow a stronger and more impactful philanthropy sector that can most effectively address social and environmental challenges in the country.

What We Do

At IPASA, our mission is to support, strengthen, and grow philanthropy in South Africa. We provide a knowledge and convening hub that supports funders in maximizing the impact of their philanthropic initiatives. Our work involves facilitating collaboration, sharing knowledge and resources related to philanthropy, and driving positive change in the sector.

As a membership-based organisation, we offer a range of services to our members and the philanthropy sector as a whole. These services include:

  • Knowledge sharing and learning opportunities through exclusive virtual and in-person events on topics relevant to funding practice and priorities.
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities with other funders and key stakeholders in the philanthropy sector.
  • Access to sector-specific events on funding focus areas, including education, early childhood development, climate change, employment, and entrepreneurship.
  • Access to our knowledge management online member portal, specific funding-related research reports, case studies, and our quarterly newsletter and monthly member updates.
  • Expert advice on integrating climate issues into grantmaking and investment portfolios.
  • Invitations to member-organized philanthropy-related workshops and events.
  • Invitations to IPASA partner events and the opportunity to join other African and global philanthropy networks.

Through our services and offerings, we aim to build capacity, promote innovation, and drive positive change in the philanthropy sector in South Africa.

IPASA is a membership-based organisation of independent funders committed to supporting, strengthening and stretching philanthropy in South Africa.

Supporting Philanthropy

Strengthing Philanthropy

Stretching Philanthropy