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The IPASA Annual Philanthropy Symposium 2021, a two-day in-person event from 2-3 November will focus on changing mindsets and changing practise to allow for real transformational change.

The symposium will include presentations, panel discussions and facilitated break-away sessions focusing on the elements of growing practises in philanthropy – trust-based philanthropy, participatory grantmaking, community-led philanthropy and the move to co-creation and systems change to allow for deep and sustainable change.  Furthermore, the symposium will focus on the future of philanthropy looking at how climate change will affect philanthropy and how the next generation of philanthropists are introducing and practising new ways of funding and collaborating for change.

The symposium provides an ideal platform for funders to connect, learn, share and collaborate at a time where philanthropy can play a catalytic role in bringing about the fundamental changes our country needs.

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What is Philanthropy?

Philanthropic giving focuses on the systemic issues and root causes of the challenges we face in our society.

Distinct from charity, that offers short-term relief, philanthropy involves analysis, reflection and clear purpose.

Institutionalised philanthropy through the formal establishment of philanthropic foundations based on an endowment creates long term opportunities for sustainable giving.


Our Mission

Promote, support and advance independent philanthropy in South Africa

.. Promote

  • Promote good philanthropic practice in SA
  • Promoting philanthropic collaboration

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  • Support the growth and transformation of philanthropy in SA
  • Representing a united voice for philanthropy in South Africa
  • Disseminating knowledge and resources relating to philanthropy in South Africa

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  • Advancing, supporting, promoting philanthropy in South Africa
  • Growing and transforming philanthropy in South Africa