Annual Review

Annual Review

The Annual Review of South African Philanthropy is a publication of the Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa (IPASA).

First published | November 2021
ISBN: 978-1-991217-25-7

“We believe that committed and knowledgeable philanthropists can make a meaningful impact and facilitate change for the better in South Africa. By associating as IPASA, philanthropists and philanthropic foundations contribute to a learning agenda, enabling thought leadership amongst members, who come from diverse backgrounds and practice. This facilitates collaboration and builds a culture of giving amongst South Africans. The power of IPASA lies in its ability to bring organisations and communities together that would not otherwise connect.”

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What is Philanthropy?

Philanthropic giving focuses on the systemic issues and root causes of the challenges we face in our society.

Distinct from charity, that offers short-term relief, philanthropy involves analysis, reflection and clear purpose.

Institutionalised philanthropy through the formal establishment of philanthropic foundations based on an endowment creates long term opportunities for sustainable giving.


Our Mission

Promote, support and advance independent philanthropy in South Africa

.. Promote

  • Promote good philanthropic practice in SA
  • Promoting philanthropic collaboration

.. Support

  • Support the growth and transformation of philanthropy in SA
  • Representing a united voice for philanthropy in South Africa
  • Disseminating knowledge and resources relating to philanthropy in South Africa

.. Advance

  • Advancing, supporting, promoting philanthropy in South Africa
  • Growing and transforming philanthropy in South Africa