2022 IPASA Annual Philanthropy Symposium: Inhale to Exhale

Pause, Reflect and Reset in the midst of constant change

Date: 8 – 9 November 2022
Venue: Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek, Cape Town

What might we gain from slowing down and pausing for a while even as we feel increasing urgency in our fast-paced world to address the social injustice and climate change crisis our world faces?

The 2022 IPASA Annual Philanthropy Symposium, a two day in-person event, will allow time for delegates to pause reflect and review all that has changed over the past year in terms of funding priorities and practise. The symposium will explore what philanthropy has done, what it is currently doing, and what still needs to be done into the future in response to the changes that are shaping the new normal in our world. By looking back and then forward we aim to better understand the role philanthropy will play in building a more just, equitable, and sustainable future –  and how to prepare for this role in taking decisive, strategic and collective action to address the urgent issues our country currently faces.


The Climate Crisis

A Toolkit and Resource Pack for Funders in South Africa
Why, How, and the Role of Philanthropy


Download the Toolkit and Resource Pack here

The Toolkit has its genesis in a three-part webinar series on Future Proofing Philanthropy in South Africa Against Climate Change, which was run by IPASA. This series of engagements demonstrated that key reasons for inaction on climate change by philanthropic funders include the difficulties in understanding the issue, applying it to their strategic thinking, and in finding effective solutions. The webinar series culminated in the development of the Toolkit, which is aimed at helping funders overcome these challenges. The Toolkit provides a range of useful, accessible, and carefully curated resources to support your journey in understanding the climate crisis and how philanthropy can respond. Our hope is that this Toolkit will catalyse new thinking and will be the beginning of a South African climate philanthropy community of practice and movement. The toolkit contains rich information and practical advice for organisations on every stage of their climate journey.

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Transparency in Philanthropy

IPASA, supported by Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) and the European Union (EU) is promoting knowledge sharing and transparency through funder/grant-maker exclusive events to create an enabling environment for philanthropy. The aim is to improve philanthropy practices and to promote transparency in order to enhance trust relationships in philanthropy.

This initiative includes collaborative events, such as the IPASA / NASCEE “Towards Trust Based Partnerships” workshop series in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban between May and September 2022; IPASA member-only grant craft workshops and journal club discussions; as well as foundation board and CEO training.

IPASA also promotes transparency in philanthropy by sharing funder databases developed through other IPASA-led initiatives.

Our Mission

Promote, support and advance independent philanthropy in South Africa

.. Promote

  • Promote good philanthropic practice in SA
  • Promoting philanthropic collaboration

.. Support

  • Support the growth and transformation of philanthropy in SA
  • Representing a united voice for philanthropy in South Africa
  • Disseminating knowledge and resources relating to philanthropy in South Africa

.. Advance

  • Advancing, supporting, promoting philanthropy in South Africa
  • Growing and transforming philanthropy in South Africa