‘No exceptions, no exclusions, no excuses’ – 6 industry experts make the case for women’s health. Amira Ghouaibi. World Economic Forum. March 2022.

This year’s International Women’s Day promotes “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” and recognizes women and girls as powerful actors of change for sustainable development. The pandemic exposed sharp economic and social inequalities and widened the already-existing gender gap for the most vulnerable by 36 years.

While the world faces an ongoing pandemic, humanitarian crises and natural disasters, it is more important than ever to make progress towards gender equality and invest in women’s and girls’ health, as this will be a critical element of any sustainable economic recovery. A report from McKinsey Global Institute estimates that taking actions now in advancing gender equality could contribute to adding $13trillion to global GDP in 2030.

It is our collective responsibility to implement an inclusive and transformative recovery effort by empowering women and girls. In this context, the World Economic Forum asked six inspiring industry leaders to tell us how they contribute to advancing gender equality and what bold actions they are taking to protect and improve women’s and girls’ health. Read More


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