Lindy holds BSc in Zoology and Psychology and a post-grad teaching diploma from UCT. She started her conservation career in 1990 as a volunteer for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and this soon turned into a fulltime position. The next 14 years were spent initiating and developing crane conservation programmes across sub-Saharan Africa. For this work she won 2 international awards; The Whitley Conservation Award and the Rolex Award for Enterprise. Simultaneously her artistic inclination led her to start painting on ceramics and she juggled flying crane surveys across Africa with running “Lindy Ceramics” a small business specialising in bird designs painted on dinnerware. In 2004 Lindy took a break from cranes to have a child and in 2008 returned to the conservation arena to work as the Relationship Director for the Lewis Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to funding conservation programmes. She also continues to pursue her love of ceramics and has exhibited her sculptures for the past three years. Lindy is married, has a young son, lives in Cape Town and spends 3 months of year in Prince Albert in the Karoo restoring her sanity.