Gail Campbell

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  • Foundation Zenex Foundation


Gail Campbell is the CEO of the Zenex Foundation, an independent donor organisation that focuses on mathematics, science and language education in South Africa. With over 20 years of experience, Gail is a thought leader in grant making, with particular expertise in the education sector. Her approach is values driven with commitment to strengthening donor impact. She is a passionate advocate for monitoring, evaluation and learning as the bedrock for effective grant making.

Gail’s previous experience as a practitioner and lecturer in the field of social work has been influential in shaping her leadership practice and developmental focus. Gail has extensive experience in governance in the non-profit sector and currently serves on the boards of the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, the Gauteng Education Development Trust and the National Research Foundation.


IPASA has provided the Zenex Foundation with networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with other donors working in education in South Africa. The Association is a platform for Zenex to engage and learn from other sectors, like health and the environment.

Zenex has also made links with similar international organisations in this network. Zenex believes there is a need for more donor sharing and collaboration and IPASA provides an important vehicle for this. In pursuance of promoting this, the Zenex Foundation commissioned the development of a framework for donor collaboration for IPASA.