Amanda Bloch




Amanda Bloch has been involved in the philanthropic sector through her involvement with family foundations and in her capacity as trustee and patron of several non-profit organisations. She has been consulting in the sector since 2010.

She is passionate about philanthropy and growing local giving and feels very strongly that a robust civil society is the cornerstone of a sustainable democracy and that philanthropy is key to ensuring civil society remains protected and resilient. Amanda was instrumental in bringing together other private philanthropists through the establishment of the Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa, a network of independent philanthropic interests in South Africa with an annual spend in the region of R1,5 billion.

She has also co-ordinated a group of South African philanthropy service providers in an effort to further promote and encourage the establishment of philanthropic trusts and foundations. She is co-author of a set of booklets aimed at the sustainability of non-profit organisations. Her work has received recognition both locally and abroad and has been featured on radio and television.