The #GivingTuesday Model

Social Change IS More Complex than Rocket Science

Unlike rocket science, which can be precisely replicated anywhere in the world, change that is successful in one social context will unlikely work in exactly the same manner elsewhere.  In fact, it is highly likely that conducting the exact same activities elsewhere will produce a different outcome.

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The Future of Philanthropy part one: Power, Knowledge and Trust

No one can predict the future, but we can all become better informed about it. Doing so enables us to make more informed decisions and place better innovation bets. To assist with this, Future Agenda hosts the world’s largest open foresight programme, a free resource for individuals, organisations and governments.

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Unlocking Philanthropy’s Potential

This guide is for all funders who wish to understand how they can contribute to unlocking philanthropy’s potential to build more resilient, sustainable and democratic societies. This is what the philanthropy support ecosystem, also called philanthropy infrastructure, is all about.


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