Annual Programme

IPASA offers its members a range of opportunities including regular peer learning forums as well as an annual symposium. In addition, there are opportunities to meet with other global stakeholders through IPASA’s membership of WINGS and other philanthropic networks who engage with South Africa philanthropy on a regular basis.

Annual Symposia



This symposium will focus on the key disruptive elements in society, both global and local. These include technology, corruption, climate change and the environment, migration and the role of ‘creatives’ in disrupting society. We will explore how philanthropy can creatively engage with these disruptors.

The symposium will be held on 25 and 26 October 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa at the University of Johannesburg School of Tourism and Hospitality.
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2015 was the first year that a philanthropy symposium was held under the banner of the Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa (IPASA). Whilst the members had been active in a loose network since 2011, the formalisation of that network was a great achievement in 2015. The content of the IPASA symposium therefore reflected issues that had arisen at regular meetings during the year and included a focus on governance, monitoring and evaluation as well as mission related investing. 

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Peer learning and sharing fora

At our learning and sharing fora, our members come together to share ideas and experiences, to learn from each other, to be exposed to and be stimulated by the views of internal and external experts. The fora also provide an opportunity to engage with various other stakeholders influencing the context in which philanthropy operates. These whole day events are carefully designed to ensure maximum benefit for members.

In 2016 themes for these for a included: critical success factors for effective grantmaking, navigating change; a new generation of trustees, public-private partnerships for water management in South Africa and dialogue and reflection on donor/grantee relationships.