Partner Events

17,18 September 2020: Nationbuilder’s 6th Annual in Good Company Conference

Book now to join your Co-hosts Dr Michael Mol of Hello Doctor and Minah Koela of Beautiful Gate, who will be coming to you from the “live lounge.”

We are going to need out-of-the-box solutions with the increased social and economic stress our nation is under and it is going to be essential for business, civil society and government to work together to rebuild an inclusive and prosperous nation.

We have the power to reframe our nation’s narrative! Purposeful business is being redefined at this time and we can all play our part and “Be the Regeneration”.

We will need to be the generation that rebuilds our economy, repairs our society and restores our people and this year’s conference is designed to inspire and equip us to achieve this.

Here’s to an exciting conference journey for 2020


13,14 October: Trialogue Business in Society Virtual Conference

We are slowly emerging from lockdown and as a nation we are piecing together the remnants of our plans for 2020. Cognisant of the continued practice of social distancing for the foreseeable future, Trialogue is excited to confirm that we have made the decision to migrate our conference to an entirely virtual experience, rescheduled for 13 and 14 October 2020.