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IPASA Virtual Philanthropy Symposium Webinar: 3 & 4 November 2020

Build Back Better Together: The Future Collective Role of Philanthropy

The African philanthropic community is no stranger to responding to urgent calls for humanitarian aid, but the response to Covid-19 has thus far been exemplary. The South African grant –  makers have rallied together, collaborating to find and implement innovative solutions to not only meet the immediate needs of affected communities, but also to establish sustainable funding strategies and activities that meet the evolving challenges that the crisis has presented.

The rate and scale of how organisations have collaborated to close funding gaps has shown remarkable agility and commitment. The effectiveness of these efforts has also highlighted the need for these practices and principles to be built into the future of effective of philanthropy.

The IPASA Virtual Philanthropy Symposium 2020, a two half-day event to be hosted online from 3-4 November 2020, invites grant-makers to connect, share and learn how to develop a sustainable approach to “build back better together” in our country. The Symposium will include presentations from global and local thought-leaders in philanthropy on the future landscape in which philanthropy will have to operate; the key principles of funding and investment practice in the current funding climate; and how to collaboratively respond to the lessons learnt from funding during this unprecedented pandemic.

The Symposium programme on the first day of the conference includes the launch of the second edition of the 2020 Annual Review of South African Philanthropy, where funders and experts in philanthropy will share their experiences of funding during the Covid-19 crisis.

Programme Overview

3 November: Keynote address by renowned futurist, economist and scenario planner, Abdullah Verachia, followed by the launch of the 2020 Annual Review of South African Philanthropy, which includes interviews and case study presentations from thought leaders in philanthropy on key funding practices and issues.

4 November: Funders and key role players in philanthropy will share their lessons learnt about collaborating over times of crisis as well as how funding and investment practice has changed and how this change will need to be sustained in order to ensure the effectiveness of philanthropy in the future.