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Extending The Reach & Impact of Philanthropy

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Philanthropy in South Africa

Support the growth and transformation of philanthropy

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Philanthropy in South Africa

Advancing, supporting and promoting Philanthropy

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What is Philanthropy?

Philanthropic giving focuses on the systemic issues and root causes of the challenges we face in our society.

Distinct from charity, that offers short-term relief, philanthropy involves analysis, reflection and clear purpose.

Institutionalised philanthropy through the formal establishment of philanthropic foundations based on an endowment creates long term opportunities for sustainable giving.

Our Mission

Promote, support and advance independent philanthropy in South Africa


Promote good philanthropic practice in SA


Support the growth and transformation of philanthropy in SA


Advancing, supporting and promoting philanthropy in SA

Promote good practice in philanthropy
Promoting philanthropic collaboration

Representing a united voice for philanthropy in South Africa
Disseminating knowledge and resources relating to philanthropy in South Africa

Advancing, supporting, promoting philanthropy in South Africa
Growing and transforming philanthropy in South Africa

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